Steps to follow

Selection of the thesis supervisor

Before starting any registration process, ensure the availability of a professor of the Faculty to direct your thesis. Learn about areas of study and research of the various departments and chairs of the Faculty, and contact the professor directly.

Professors eligible to supervise a doctoral thesis in economic and social sciences

Professors eligible to supervise a doctoral thesis in social sciences

Authorisation form

When you meet your thesis supervisor, present the Faculty’s authorisation form for his signature.

Download authorisation form

Return this form to the Dean's office, enclosing a copy of your degree showing the results in the final grade at the Master level. In addition, if this degree is issued by a foreign university, you need a certificate stating that you are eligible for doctoral studies in that university.

Dean's office


To spare time, you can begin at the same time the procedure of registration with the Office for Admissions and Registration.

Online enrollment and required documents

 You can begin your doctoral studies only if you received an authorisation of registration of the Faculty and the confirmation of admission to the University from the Office for Admissions and Registration.

These steps are to be followed by each candidate for the doctorate, even if you signed a contract for a position as research/teaching assistant.