Mr. Fatih Yildizhan

Course: Market Opportunities: Turkey and the Middle East

Fatih Selim Yildizhan is a graduate of the University of Fribourg, where he completed Double LL.M Degrees in International Business Law and Commodity Trading Law. With his academic foundation, he went into the commodity trading industry in Switzerland, working on sustainable trade in the petrochemical industry across the Middle East, North Africa, and European markets. Advocating environmental responsibility in the petrochemicals sector, he has contributed to the industry with publications such as "A Technical and Industrial Analysis of Global Plastics Market, Trade, Financing, and Operations" and " Engineering Plastics, Market Analysis, and Recycling Methods."

Complementing his professional endeavors, he has completed programs on "Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets" from Duke University, "Managing the Company of the Future" from the University of London, and the program on "Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace" by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group.


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