Teaching Staff

Marc Amstutz

Anti-Trust / Competition Law

Paolo Basarri


Gilles Benzakein

A Holistic Approach to Commodity Trading

Jakob Bovin

Career Development

Erdem Büyüksagis

Consumer Contracts, Software Liability, Online Platform Regulations

Alex de Daranyi

Corporate Financing

Sabine Dembkowski

Role of the General Counsel in Board Assessment

Bernd Ehle

Construction Contracts

Ercüment Erdem


Stephanie Feldman

Commercial Mediation Clinic, Corporate Insolvency

Hadi Fereydoony

Market Opportunities: Turkey and the Middle East

Prof. Gerhard Fiolka

International Cooperation in Criminal Matters

Christiana Fountoulakis

CISG and Swiss Law on Sales

Luke H. Gillon

Human Resource Compliance

Yaman Gürsel

Secured Transactions Law

Anne-Catherine Hahn

Commercial Arbitration Clinic

Geraint Howells

Product Liability

Stephanie Jarrett

Trust and Wealth Planning

Tannaz Jourabchi-Eisenhut

Doing Business in the Middle East

Carsten Jungmann

Corporate Governance

Daniel Kraus

Intellectual Property Law

Matthias Lehmann

Private International Law

Fabien Liégeois

Corporate Taxation, Banking and Financial Market Regulations

Melina Llodra

Joint Ventures, Agency and Distributorship, Business Ethics

Ilija Mitrev-Penushliski

Arbitration and International Economic Dispute Settlement

Christa Nadakavukaren Schefer

WTO Law, Investment Law

Charles Paré

Legal & Compliance Roles & Responsibilities

Pascal Pichonnaz

Contract Law: Contract and Conclusion, Interpretation, Mistake – Hardship & Force Majeure

Natalia Pishchaeva

Digitalization in Compliance, Compliance Officer's Business Role, Basics and Beyond

Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf

EU Internal Market Law

Trevor J. Purdie

Human Resource Compliance

James F. Reardon

Economic Sanctions, Anti-corruption and Money Laundering

Michelle Reed

Global Trade Compliance, Personal Career Development

Francisco Reyes

Doing Business in Latin America

Thomas Robinson

Business Anthropology

Rafael Rodriguez Merencio

Customs Regulations and VAT

Xavier Schops

Mergers and Acquisitions

Laurent Sigismondi

Compliance Systems

Alessandro Spina

Global Risk and Pharmaceutical Regulations

Franz Werro

Contract Law: Remedies and Damages

Jean-Claude Werz

Insurance Law

Fatih Yildizhan

Market Opportunities: Turkey and the Middle East