Why Choose Fribourg Law

250 years of academic excellence

The Fribourg Law Faculty is part of a strategic network of professionals and partnerships throughout the world so that you can benefit from the expertise of the best teachers that currently exist worldwide. Benefits from the ideas and resources exchanged through such alliances are particularly useful in teaching and research.

Bridging languanges and cultures

Located in one of Europe’s most important industrial and business hubs, the Fribourg Law Faculty students have open opportunities to study and practice in multinational companies at the same time.

Situated in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, Fribourg is on the linguistic border between the French and German speaking parts of the country. This privileged geographical location makes Fribourg a natural bridge between different languages and cultures. Studying at the University of Fribourg offers a unique opportunity for students to learn several languages.

A high standard education

Fribourg Law has acquired an unchallenged national and international reputation for its high academic standards and demanding curriculum.
A Fribourg Law degree is recognized and respected worldwide.

Legal scholarship

The Fribourg Law Faculty is an important contributor to legal research both in Switzerland and internationally. Our professors are widely published and considered as leading authorities in their field. 

The Fribourg Law Faculty also maintains six specialized research institutes for coordinating teaching and scholarship in the fields of International Business Law, European Law, Law & Economics, Law of Religions, Construction Law and Federalism.

«My main aim was to successfully work in the interaction between Business and Law and today I can say that the challenge has been taken up!» Jeyamathy Wickramasingam, Switzerland