Teaching Staff

Marc Amstutz

Competition Law

Walid El-Abed

Artificial Intelligence Compliance

Diego Arroyo

Private International Law

Erdem Büyüksagis

Consumer Contracts

Martin Anderson

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mustafa Fadlullah Cerrahoglu

Doing Business in the Middle East

Jeremy Davies

International Sale of Goods

Bernd Ehle

Construction Contracts

Ercument Erdem


Stephanie Feldman

Mediation Clinic, Bankruptcy, Legal writing

Christiana Fountoulakis

International Sales of Goods

Luke H. Gillon

Human Ressources Compliance

Anne-Catherine Hahn

Commercial Arbitration Clinic

Geraint Howells

Product Liability

Stephanie Jarrett

Trusts and Wealth Planning

Carsten Jungmann

Corporate Governance

Daniel Kraus

Intellectual Property Law

Gregory Klass

Contract Law Compared

Matthias Lehmann

Private International Law 

Melina Llodra

Agency and Distributorship

Juan Marchetti

Law of the WTO

Petros Mavroidis

Law of the WTO 

Laure Morel

Compliance Investigation Clinic

Guido Palazzo

Business Ethics

Georgios Petrochilos

International Commercial Arbitration

Pascal Pichonnaz

Contract Law Compared, Contract Law: Principles, Interpretation and Remedies

James F. Reardon

Anti-corruption and money laundering

Michelle Reed

Trade Compliance, Personal carreer development

Francisco Reyes

Doing Business in Latin America

Rafael Rodriguez Merencio

Customs Regulations

Michael E. Schneider

Construction Contracts

Laurent Sigismondi

Compliance Systems

Alessandro Spina

Global Risk Regulations

Franz Werro

Contract Law Compared, Contract Law: Principles, Interpretation and Remedies

Jean-Claude Werz

Insurance Law

Mingjie Zhang

Doing Business in Asia

Jean Baptiste Zufferey

Banking and Financial Market Regulations