Professorship in Communication, Business and Social Responsibility

The Professorship in Communication, Business and Social Responsibility (French-English), led by Prof. Dr. Laura Illia, is dedicated to the research of how discourses, narratives and conversations become crucial to comprehend organizational challenges in the contemporary networked and digitalized media landscape.   In particular, the chair develops research on the strategic processes of formation and management of organizational legitimacy, stigma, reputation, identity, social responsibility and social impact. A particular attention is provided to organizations operating in industries such as banking, circular economy, sharing economy, hi-tech, and tourism. The team deals with questions such as "How longstanding social evaluations of contested firms are constructed in the fleeting context of social media?", "How do corporations co-construct their legitimacy in a new digital media landscape?", or "How micro-actors (e.g. individuals), meso-actors (e.g., social movements) and macro-actors (e.g. mass media, firms, and political parties) intervene in shaping societal and business issues related to sustainability?". The chair’s research objective for 2019-24 will be to launch a Business and Social Media Lab, that is, a multi and interdisciplinary research laboratory at DCM seeking to do research in the area of digital media, organizations, social impact and stakeholders’ management.