Professorship of Organizational Communication and Public Diplomacy

The research group "Organizational Communication and Public Diplomacy", headed by Prof. Dr. Diana Ingenhoff, focuses on international public relations research, business communication, corporate communication and public diplomacy.

Inspired by social theories and interdisciplinary approaches, we analyze strategic communication by, in and about (political, governmental, non-profit and for-profit) organizations and the consequences of recent dynamic developments like the digitalization and globalization of our media society.

  • Research Projects

    In our research projects we focus on the key constructs of reputation, image, trust and the responsibility of organizations and states.  We tackle research questions like:

    • How are country images formed and perceived in various cultures?
    • How can we measure country image and corporate image and their “value drivers”? What transfer effects may occur between the two entities?
    • How do corporations take social and political responsibility, and how do they communicate and advocate them?
    • How does digitalization and social media impact organizational communication?
    • How is media quality perceived in Switzerland? What consequences does a decrease in media quality have on (media) corporations, the public sphere and democracy?

    Secondary to our focus on "Organizational Communication", our research team also actively contributes to the DCM research areas of "Political Communication", "New Media and new Forms of Communication", as well as "Journalism Studies".

    In our empirical research we use multi-method designs, allowing us to generate in-depth insights into new and complex communication phenomena. In particular, we apply integrated media content analysis and survey design studies as well as experimental designs and network analysis.

    Together with our research partners, from corporations to state institutions, we aim to generate insights of great value to both academia and practitioners.

  • Teaching

    Our lectures and seminars are core elements within the DCM’s Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. We offer classes on recent social developments and their consequences for business communication, and teach new insights from our ongoing research projects in the German Master in Communication and Media Research, especially within the focus on "Journalism and Organizational Communication", as well as in the English part of the Master in Business Communication. In topics like business communication and strategic communication management, international crisis communication or public diplomacy and nation branding, the students explore the basic approaches and apply their knowledge through case studies and simulation exercises.

    We look forward to your proposals of Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis topics. Also, we would be happy to inspire you by discussing our current research ideas with you.

Friederike Vinzenz

Senior Researcher

PER 21 - F310

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