Professorship of Communication and Media Research

At the Chair of Communication and Media Research, Prof. Dr. Thilo von Pape and his team examine the uses and effects of media in the light of changing technologies and communication practices: How do users integrate new media into their daily lives? How do they modify their ways of communicating, their perceptions, and their behaviors under the influence of technical possibilities? How do users in turn shape the media through their individual appropriation and social institutionalization?

The Chair addresses these questions particularly in the contexts of mobile communication, social media, the Internet of Things, and Human-Machine Communication. The issues studied include the benefits that people can derive from media use individually in terms of enjoyment, knowledge, and empowerment, as well as questions of privacy and self-determination, social inclusion and cohesion.

In research and teaching, the Chair works primarily in French and English. It thus harnesses the wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches offered by the different scientific traditions and strives to cultivate contacts with the different scientific communities.