Success stories - Videos

Highlight interviews of UniFR researchers

Prof. Adria LeBoeuf and her group

“Ants' strange kisses”

Sâm Ghavami

“Archaeological adventures in Peru”

Prof. Laure Weisskopf and her group

“Bacterial odours and plant health”

Prof. Curzio Rüegg and his group, in collaboration with the SICHH

“What our genetic code reveals about cancer”

Prof. Frank Scheffold and his group
"Photonics: manipulation of light with advanced materials"

Prof. Stefano Vanni
"Bioinformatics : how do cells communicate"

Prof. Björn Rasch
"Sleep and memory"

Prof. Phillipe Cudré-Mauroux
"Big Data"

Prof. Nico Bruns, Horizon 2020, ITN coordinator
"PlaMatSu - Plant inspired Materials and Surfaces"

Prof. Chris Weder, ERC Advanced
"Mechanicaly Responsive Polymers"

Dr. Pascal Mark Gygax, Project FP7 MSCA
"ITN-LCG: Language, cognition and gender"   

Prof. Curzio Rüegg, Project FP7 MSCA (ITN)
"Small Artery Remodeling - SMARTER"