Academic Awards

Prof. Dr. Diana Ingenhoff

  • 2017: Research Fellow of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy at Annenberg School, University of Southern California (2017-2019) 
  • 2015: Arthur W. Page Center Fellowship (Page Legacy Scholar 2015-2016) in Global Public Relations: CSR and Public Diplomacy across Cultures (2015-2017)
  • 2015: Arthur W. Page Center Benchmarking Award (US$ 2.000,-) for the Best Paper at the 18th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), March 7, 2015 in Miami.
  • 2015: Best Paper Award EUPRERA 2015 for theory-paper "Grasping the Variability of the ‘Real Organization’: Towards a Framework for Analyzing Strategic Communication"
  • 2014: Best Paper Award EUPRERA 2014 for method-paper "Applying Variance-Based Structural Equation Modeling to Analyze Causal Effects Between Target Constructs in Public Relations"
  • 2011: Full professorship offer for "Communication Science and International PR Research" at the University of Vienna (primo loco, denied)
  • 2007: German Public Relations Award (Deutscher Public Relations Preis) 2007