CT Image Core Facility

Computer X-Ray Tomography

The CT Image Core Facility within the Department of Geosciences at the University of Fribourg aims to provide multi-scaled 3D X-ray computer tomographic imaging and analytical solutions to scientists, professionals and industry. We discuss with you your research question and accompany you through the steps of sample preparation, measurement, data analysis and interpretation.

What we do

  • Advise users on measurement strategies
  • Provide training and guidance in the use of the CT scanner and workstations
  • Maintain and upgrade high-end image analysis software and powerful image analysis workstations
  • Operate servers to store and handle imaging data
  • Provide all relevant information and access to a reservation calendar on our website
  • Ensure technological watch and promote the adoption of techniques that best meet user’s needs

Who can access the core facility?

All research groups from the University of Fribourg and associated Institutes can get access to the facility infrastructure following standard procedure (see CT usage policy).

Our services are also available to external persons. Interested parties should directly get in touch via email.

The use of the multi-scaled Nano-CT scanner is subject to the payment of hourly fees depending on internal or external use. Please contact us or check the CT usage fees for any further information.

How to access the CT Imaging Facility?

We recommend first time facility users and scientists who are unsure to directly contact us via email. Together we can determine the best strategy for the task based on sample origin and type, sample preparation, sample structures of interest that need to be measured and analysed. For this, please provide a short, written statement summarizing the scientific problem and how the micro-CT analyses are expected to contribute (download CT_Request file, fill it in and send it back by email). 

  • For internal researchers at the University of Fribourg:

Go to Equipment and log in into the booking system IRIS through your university login,

Select a date for a meeting with one of the responsible persons of the CT Image Core Facility, where the research questions will be discussed and a research/training strategy developed. 

  • For external researchers and industry:

Please contact us directly by filling in the information request (download CT_Request file, fill it in and send it back by email).