Published on 01.03.2024

(Some) Movement in the Relationship between Switzerland and the EU!

Switzerland and the EU have begun negotiations on their future relations. The negotiations on association to EU programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe, Euratom programme, Digital Europe Programme, ITER and Erasmus+) are part of the negotiations on the overall package

With the start of negotiations, the EU has put in place the transitional arrangement 2024, which allows researchers in Switzerland to participate in the ERC Advanced Grants 2024 call as ‘potential beneficiary’. It is not possible for researchers in Switzerland to participate in further mono-beneficiary calls 2024. They will however continue to participate in all other calls 2024 (collaborative projects) as 'associated partners' and, if the project is approved, will receive national funding.

If negotiations progress well, a transitional arrangement is to be applied to all Horizon Europe calls for proposals for the 2025 programme.

For further information and updates on the SBFI website, currently:

Q&A (PDF, 720 kB, 18.03.2024), chapter 1: Transitional arrangements 2024 and 2025. 

Of course, we observe these developments closely and will provide further information on our website and social media channels as soon as it is available.