We work with a range of partners in the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland and abroad. Within the university our main interlocutor is the Faculty of Philosophy.

In 2021 we signed a contract setting up collaborative teaching with the Centre for Humanities and Health at King’s College London (led by Prof. Dr. Neil Vickers). Within this agreement, Prof. King and Prof. Vickers will teach a collaborative course, alternating between London and Fribourg

Professor Martina King and Dr Johannes Görbert are members of the DFG network "Inclusive Philology. Literary Disability Studies in the German-speaking Countries" which started its activities in January 2023.
Dr Johannes Görbert founded the DFG network together with Professor Klaus Birnstiel (University of Greifswald); he co-organises its activities.
Within Switzerland, we collaborate with the following institutions, among others;
  • The Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and Science (SGGMN)
  • HSSuisse (History of Science Switzerland)

Within the University of Fribourg, we collaborate frequently with the Faculty of Philosophy;

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Martina King is co-opted in both, the Department of German and the Department for Contemporary History.
  • We belong to the organisers of the research colloquium for German literary studies, which our members frequently participate in.
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. King regularly holds lectures in the series “Kulturhistorische Grundlagen der Germanistik”
  • On Invitation, Dr. Dr. Felix Rietmann teaches a master-seminar, titled “Medizin und Gesellschaft: Von der ‘Geburt der Klinik’ zu Global Health“ at the Department for Contemporary History
  • The Habilitation of PD Dr. Daniela Kohler and the PhD of Dr. Lea Bühlmann (see selected research foci) were products of collaboration with the Department of German and the Department for Contemporary History
  • In collaboration with the Prof. Dr. Tom Kindt (Department of German), we held the interdisciplinary conference “Doctors Stories Revisited: On the History, Structure and Epistemology of Medical Narratives” on the 6th and 9th of Mai 2019. Currently the Conference Proceedings are being prepared under the Title “Narrative and narrative knowing in medicine and science”, which will be published in 2023 at de Gruyter.