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Publication list in pdf format



Promislow DEL*, Flatt T*, & Bonduriansky R*. 2022. The Biology of Aging in Insects: From Drosophila to Non-Model Species. [*equal contribution; co-corresponding authors]. Annual Review of Entomology (planned for Volume 67, 2022), in press.


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Pen I, & Flatt T (2021). Asymmetry, Division of Labour and the Evolution of Ageing in Multicellular Organisms. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society London B, 376 (1823):20190729. pdf [Also see coverage in Science, 25 March, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1126/science.371.6536.1302].



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Ramaekers A, Weinberger S, Claeys A, Kapun M, Yan J, Wolf R, Flatt T, Buchner E, & Hassan BA (2019). Altering the temporal regulation of one transcription factor drives evolutionary trade-offs between head sensory organs. Developmental Cell 50:780-792. pdf [also see commentary by I Almudi  & AP McGregor (2019). Sensory Organ Size Evolution: A View from Drosophila. Developmental Cell 50:673-674.]


Durmaz E, Rajpurohit S, Betancourt N, Fabian DK, Kapun M, Schmidt P*, & Flatt T* (2019). A clinal polymorphism in the insulin signaling transcription factor foxo contributes to life-history adaptation in Drosophila (*co-corresponding authors). Evolution 73:1774-1792. pdf [also see commentary by O El-Deeb. 2019. Digest: A clinal polymorphism and life-history adaptations in Drosophila. Evolution 73:2026-2027].


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2000 and before

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