The rules for a cumulative dissertation at our Department have been revised:

[Version 05.07.2013, revision (1) 18.02.2014, revision (2) 31.05.2021]

  1. The candidates have to submit minimum six coherent papers and must have published at least 2 more publications.
  2. They have to be first authors on at least 4 of the 6 coherent papers and on the remaining two they must be either first or last authors.
  3. The publications should present original empirical data, exceptions have to be discussed with the internal panel.
  4. Four of the 6 publications should be in leading journals of the discipline (to be decided by an internal panel)
  5. Internally we communicate about habilitation candidates before going to Faculty
  6. Papers from own dissertation research cannot be included.
  7. Form of the habilitation: There should be an introduction presenting the research field, a short summary of each paper with description of own contribution and a conjunctive conclusion. The numbers of pages for the Introduction is a maximum of 10 pages.

[Habilitation as monography, amendment 18.02.2014, revision (1) 31.05.2021, revision (2)]

  1. Habilitation theses can be submitted as a monography
  2. The scientific requirements in terms of publications are however the same as for the cumulative habilitation.
  3. In exceptional cases, the individual scientific records need to be evaluated as equivalent by the professors of the Department.

Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses and teaching

External and internal candidates should have experience in supervising Bachelor and / or Master theses at UniFR or at another institution.

In addition, they should have post-doctoral teaching experience, including a minimum of four courses (equaling 2SWS, 3 ECTS) for Bachelor or Master students at the Department of Psychology of the UniFR.

Didactic Training

External and internal candidates should have attended basic classes in didactics at UniFR or other institutions.