The Psychology department offers PhD positions in each of its research units, on a wide range of topics. A PhD title attests that its holder conducted high-quality scientific research, is necessary to pursue a career in the academia and can open many professional opportunities outside of the university. Usually lasting 4 to 5 years, a PhD involves conducting your own original research and writing it up in a manuscript or scientific articles, under the supervision of a Professor of the department. Requiring a strong interest in the scientific method and on the thesis’ topic, a PhD is also a great opportunity to develop and improve oneself at the personal and professional levels. PhD students are usually advised to follow doctoral classes such as the  CUSO.

Students having obtained a Master degree in Psychology, or in a related field, can apply for a PhD position. Positions are usually advertised on the university’s  Open positions page. Alternatively, students can contact directly Professors working on a topic they are interested in to enquire about the possibility to do a thesis under their supervision.

Please be aware that only professors, SNS professors and privat-docent·e·s (Privatdozenten, privat/es docent/es) may supervise PhD students (Art. 5 and 6 of the faculty PhD regulation).

It is recommended for anyone considering a PhD to read first the guide  Getting your thesis off to a good start.

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