Students who are interested in the human experience and behaviour are on the right track with a course of study in psychology. Here, we study how feelings, experiences, education and motivational factors affect us and what role the cultural and social environment plays. At Bachelor level, particular emphasis is placed on always letting the students confront their theories of everyday life with the insights of scientific psychology. 

During the three-year study programme, they become acquainted with the fundamental professional knowledge, the working methods used in research, the various areas of application of psychology and the basic competencies of psychological diagnostics and counselling. Two months of internship and a written thesis crown the bachelor studies. 

In addition, the bilingualism of the course of studies is a unique feature of the studies in psychology at the University of Fribourg: Here, graduate school programmes are offered in German, French or in a combination of both languages.

For practical information about the studies (regulations, study plan, etc.) please consult the website:

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