The new ratified regulation (FR / DE) will enter into force in the autumn semester of 2021. More information will follow. Please check our website regularly.

The Master's in Psychology aims to provide students with a deeper theoretical understanding of a number of domains in Psychology. You will gain knowledge of the principle scientific concepts and methodologies from several domains in Psychology, further understand the application of these concepts and methods in diverse settings (e.g. hospitals, organisations, schools, and research) and gain practical expertise. With this knowledge, on completing the Master's you will therefore be prepared to enter various fields in Psychology: Clinical, Health, Organisational, Educational, Neuropsychology and Human Factors and Ergonomics.
The Master's also provides a sound base for beginning a PhD in Psychology, or collaborating in research projects. The teaching provision in the Master's is distinguished by the individual nature of the supervision provided for students. Class sizes remain small, while at the same time registrations for each subject are not restricted. The wide range of external contributors from research and applied domains also enriches the teaching and learning experience of the Master's.

Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Work and Organisational Psychology

Developmental and school psychology 

Admission requirements

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