Course Overview

The Master program in Psychology aims to provide students with a deeper theoretical understanding of a number of domains in Psychology. You will learn the principle scientific concepts and methodologies from different domains in Psychology further understand the application of these concepts and methods in diverse settings (e.g. hospitals, organisations, schools, and research) and gain practical expertise.

This training provides graduates with an ideal start in the various professional fields of psychology, such as clinical and health psychology, personnel psychology, school psychology, neuropsychology or ergonomics. Furthermore, it is an ideal preparation for collaboration in research projects and/or for the preparation of a doctoral thesis. Master studies in Fribourg are unique in that students are individually supervised during their studies and the preparation of their Master thesis. As the number of students is reasonable, there is no limit placed on the number of participants in the courses. In addition, the wide range of external speakers from practice and research broadens and enriches the teaching offer.

Course structure

The Master program of Science in Psychology consists of 120 ECTS credits, divided into a 90 ECTS credit in-depth study program (major) and a 30 ECTS credit specialisation program (minor). Within the 90 ECTS credit in-depth study program, each student can choose from seven options:

Each option of the in-depth study program is composed of two specific modules of 15 ECTS credits, a Master examination (30 ECTS credits) and a practical experience (15 ECTS credits). In addition, regardless of their option, students must take a basics module (15 ECTS credits). The 30 ECTS credit specialisation program is composed of two 15 ECTS credit modules.


Program structure

In-depth study program (major) 90
Basics module 15
Option specific module 1 15
Option specific module 2 15
Practical experience 15
Master exam 30
Specialisation program (minor) 30
Specialisation module 1 15
Specialisation module 2 15


The different options

Clinical Health Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Work - Organization Psychology

Options on application

Developmental and School Psychology

Clinical Child Psychology

Clinical Neuroscience

Work and Health Psychology