Department of Psychology

Our Department introduces students to psychology, a science that deals with human experience and behaviour. The Department of Psychology consists of a young and dynamic team of researchers with international resonance and a strong presence in the media. The studies in Freiburg are characterized by a trilingual environment as well as by a pleasant atmosphere created by human-sized structures and easy contacts with the teaching staff.



Training the Perception of Bodily Signals

In eating disorders, the perception of one's bodily signals (such as heartbeat, stomach activity or breathing) seems to be altered. The perception of stomach signals seems to play a particularly important…

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Virtual Reality and Reality can be confused in memory

Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly used in a variety of contexts (ranging from occupational learning to psychotherapy) with the goal to immerse users in lifelike but controlled situations. Users typically…

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App-based aftercare services for inpatients with psychological illnesses

Digital media such as a mobile phone application have the potential to complement and improve existing psychotherapeutic services and to close existing gaps in healthcare services. The current COVID-19…

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Andrea Frick

Andrea Frick is an SNSF Professor at the Department of Psychology and Head of the research unit Development of Spatial Cognition. Her research interests are: cognitive development | spatial cognition |…

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Psychology teaching at the University of Fribourg has 3 branches: Bachelor, Master and Postgrade.

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The Psychology department consists of 12 units and research groups.

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