Department of Psychology

Our Department introduces students to psychology, a science that deals with human experience and behaviour. The Department of Psychology consists of a young and dynamic team of researchers with international resonance and a strong presence in the media. The studies in Freiburg are characterized by a trilingual environment as well as by a pleasant atmosphere created by human-sized structures and easy contacts with the teaching staff.



The role of working memory capacity and emotion regulation on binge eating in individuals with a binge eating disorder (BED)

A key criterion for the diagnosis of a binge eating disorder (BED) is recurring binge eating. Due to these binges, individuals affected by BED are strongly impaired and experience, besides health-related…

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Viviana Leupin in the national finals of "Ma thèse en 180 secondes" (MT180)

"Ma thèse en 180 secondes" (MT180) is an international competition where PhD students have to condense many years of work into 180 seconds to communicate the work of their PhD in a simple, comprehensible,…

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Eating disorder treatment in routine clinical care

A descriptive study examining treatment characteristics and short-term treatment outcomes among patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in Germany and Switzerland.

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Could Infant Sleep Behavior Hold the Key to Brain Activity and Healthy Development?

Adequate sleep is crucial for development and promotes brain maturation. Numerous studies have shown that chronic sleep problems in early life are associated with later cognitive, psychosocial, and physical…

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Psychology teaching at the University of Fribourg has 3 branches: Bachelor, Master and Postgrade.

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The Psychology department consists of 12 units and research groups.

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