Cognitive Ergonomics and Work Psychology

The Research Group ‘Cognitive Ergonomics and Work Psychology’ addresses a wide range of research topics in fields where humans interact with technology. This includes (a) automation and complex work environments, (b) design and evaluation of interactive consumer products, (c) usability, user experience and accessibility, (d) training, (e) teamwork, and (f) work-related stress. These research topics also play an important part in the group’s teaching activities. Students from the French and German language sections have substantially contributed to the group’s research efforts as part of their Bachelor and Master theses. Finally, the group’s research activities have been strongly supported by several research grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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Laurence Pitton
Marlen Grossenbacher

Fribourg University
Psychology Department   
Rue P.-A. de Faucigny 2 
CH-1700 Freiburg
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