Research topics

Research led by my team is working in the field of mathematic cognition and working memory. These two topics are however not independent from each other and some of my work is at the crossroad from both. Moreover, for each topic, more applied work on education, re-education or the evaluation of cognitive deficiencies are completing fundamental research.

Working memory

Working memory is a mental structure allowing simultaneous temporary maintaining and information treatment during complex cognitive tasks. The TBRS model (Time-Based Resource-Sharing model) that I developed with Prof. Pierre Barrouillet is the first model to take into account temporal constraints in working memory functioning and cognitive cost led by some mental activities. After numerous researches with young adults in verbal and visuo-spatial domains, we currently work to acquire a better understanding of typical and atypical child development from 2 year old infants.

Mathematical cognition 

In this domain I’m interested in the very first numeric activities: quantification activities allowing to determine how many objects there are in a collection and numeric transcoding allowing code switching, as in a number dictation task. These activities are at the root of allchildren’s future numeric and arithmetic learning.