Practical Information

How RIPE Conferences Work

At RIPE conferences, participants are assigned to working groups that stay together for the whole duration of the conference. We assigned 9-12 papers to each working group so that every paper has sufficient time for discussion.

  • Prepare your presentation

    You will need to submit your full paper and your video presentation by August 22, 2021. Your presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes.

    For more information (e.g., regarding presentation length, technical help, etc.) please check the file sent to the presenters via e-mail.

  • Before the conference

    Please watch the videos of the keynote speeches and of the presentations held by the other members of your working group prior to the conference. You are of course also welcome to read your colleagues’ papers.

    During the conference we will proceed immediately to feedback and discussions which requires that you come prepared. Thank you very much!

    We will provide you with links to videos and papers in early September.

  • During the conference

    The conference will take place on Microsoft Teams. We will send you all the information necessary to attend in due time.

    To account for time differences, the conference takes place during one afternoon (day 1) and one morning (day 2) Central European Time.

    The conference will offer keynote speeches, working group sessions, a special practitioners' session, and social activities.

    Each working group session will start with feedback on the submitted papers and presentations by a designated respondent. This is followed by a Q&A and by a joint discussion of the learnings for the overarching topic of the RIPE conference. The working group chair will guide and animate the debate.

  • Publication

    We plan to publish a selection of papers in a peer-reviewed book handled by NORDICOM.

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