Continuing Education Committee

Tasks and Responsibilities

La Commission de la formation continue exerce les tâches suivantes:

  1. developing continuing education strategies for the Rectorate;
  2. promoting continuing education in the University’s faculties, departments and institutes;
  3. coordination of continuing education events and presentations;
  4. decisions concerning the utilisation of continuing education funds;
  5. decisions concerning requests for risk or deficit guarantees in relation to continuing education funds;
  6. approval of the annual accounts of continuing education funds for the Rectorate;
  7. approval of the official program of continuing education offerings at the University of Fribourg;
  8. approval of the annual report of the Continuing Education Service for the Rectorate;
  9. advising the Rectorate in relation to the tasks and responsibilities of the Continuing Education Service;
  10. submitting proposals for the job description of the Continuing Education Service’s Manager to the Academic Services Director.

The Rectorate may entrust the Commission with further tasks and responsibilities in relation to further education.


Chantal Martin Soelch, Vice-Rector

Hansjörg Schmid, Faculty of Theology
Franz Werro, Faculty of Law
Eric Davoine, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Petra Klumb, Faculty of Humanities
Luis Filgueira, Faculty of Science and Medicine

Research Assistants
Donatus Düsterhaus

Christina Schuhmacher

Annette Enz, Continuing Education Services