Functions of the IRO

Central organizations (Commission and Coordination Committee) in charge of international relations as well as the International Relations Office have the following mission:

  1. Strategic:
    To define and put into action the University's strategies for those actions concerning the international domain.
  2. Development and coordination:
    To initiate, formulate and develop, in collaboration with other faculties, inter-university initiatives; to encourage new forms of cooperation; to insure consistency in the initiatives; and to be pro-active in the announcement and circulation of possibilities.
  3. Leading activities, management, support and encouragement:
    To insure an administrative support for the university community concerning all questions relative to internationalization; to develop and put into practice frameworks favorable to exchanges between the University of Fribourg and foreign university communities; to manage exchange programs and partnerships.
  4. Liaison, information, and promotion of public relations:
    To insure and promote the relationships between partnerships in the international domain, both in the university community as well as with the relevant authorities; to maintain the relationships within the partner university network; to insure the proper welcoming of delegations and foreign host students.