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    Fakultät Math.-Nat. und Med. Fakultät
    Bereich Informatik
    Code UE-SIN.07818
    Sprachen Englisch
    Art der Unterrichtseinheit Seminar
    Kursus Master
    Semester SA-2022

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    Strukturpläne 2h par semaine durant 14 semaines
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    The seminar on data science involves presentations that cover recent topics on data science. The area of this year’s seminar is time series operators. Modern SQL databases do not strictly support time series, but two features come close. First, SQL:2011 introduced extensions to support temporal data. Chief among the extensions is the concept of periods, which allows a time interval to be associated with every row of a table. Second, the older SQL:1999 introduced the notion of window functions. These allow data to be manipulated as if it was a sequence.

    In the scope of this seminar, we investigate papers that describe algorithms and operators to process time series data. The papers explore mechanisms that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of these operators when applied to time series.


    The goal for the students is to learn how to critically read and study research papers, how to describe a paper in a report, and how to present it in a seminar. Under supervision, students will select one paper to study, contrast and compare with related work. This seminar aims to help students to gather in-depth knowledge of an advanced topic and develop the skills required to describe a complex problem from the predictive analytics area in the form of both a presentation and a written report.


    MSc-CS BENEFRI - (Code Ue: 63507 / Tracks: T6) . The exact date and time of this course as well as the complete course list can be found at

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