Information for parents 

It’s not always easy to balance studies and your family life. Especially because most students with child(ren) work part-time as well – a huge organisational challenge to tackle.

This page gives practical information for (future) parents to facilitate the difficult task of balancing studies, family life and work.  More information is also available in the following brochure from the Office for Gender Equality, available in French and German:

Informationen für Studierende und Angestellte mit Kind(ern) an der Universität Freiburg – ein Wegweiser für Eltern und VorgesetzteInformations pour étudiant-e-s et employé-e-s avec enfant(s) à l’Université de Fribourg – Guide pour parents et supérieur-e-s

If you study at the Science and Medicine Faculty: a series of information related to health issues has been gathered on the maternity’s protection page.  

  • Part-time studies

    Part-time studies can reduce the workload by spreading courses over a longer period of time. Check the Faculty regulations to learn more about requirements and limitations in your field and ask for an extension of study time if necessary.

    An academic leave during a semester may also be a solution after the child’s birth. A maximum of 4 leave requests can be made during your studies. Applications must be submitted within the following deadlines:

    • Autumn semester: 30 September
    • Spring semester: 28 February

    The request must be submitted to the Office for Admissions and Registration.

  • Absence

    For courses with participation monitoring, an active participation is an integral part of the final grade. Hence, only a limited number of absences are allowed.

    • This applies in particular to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities.
    • The Faculty of Law allows a maximum of 3 justified absences during the three weeks of intensive courses (only case of force majeure). This applies also to health issues due to a pregnancy. It is mandatory to present a medical certificate if you can’t take an exam due to health reasons.

    The following emergency rule applies if no one can watch your sick child: A medical certificate proving that your child is ill excuses your absence from an exam. This rule is valid for all faculties.


    Please gather information from your faculty’s deanship to clarify any doubts early enough. Imperatively ask for a written confirmation for individual solutions or do it yourself by email.

  • Breastfeeding in university

    Do you follow courses with participation monitoring?

    • Please ask your gynaecologist or your midwife for a written confirmation that you’re breastfeeding
    • Submit this confirmation to the secretariat of the concerned department. Occasional and short-term breastfeeding is then allowed and excused.
    • At the Faculty of Law, the document needs to be given to the professor.

    The University has two breastfeeding rooms (Miséricorde MIS01 1022 and Pérolles21 CO21). They are accessible on request. Please contact the Service Equipement et logistique beforehand for a key.


  • Financial support
    • Multiple cantons pay a birth allowance on request which varies from CHF 850.- to CHF 2’000.-. The corresponding request forms can be obtained from the Compensation fund of your tax residence canton.
    • Moreover, the cantons pay per child and per month at least CHF 200.- of family allowances. This request must be directly made to your employer or to the Compension fund if you do not work.
    • Many companies pay an additional employer allowance. Contact the human resource service of your employer for more information.
    • Are you receiving a cantonal scholarship? In that case, you can ask for a recalculation of the life costs after the birth of your child.
    • An overview of financial support in cantons (family and training allowances, birth allowance, etc.) can be found here.
  • Day-care

    The University nursery accepts children of 4 months up to kindergarten age whose parents study or work at the University of Fribourg. The nursery must be attended at least 3 half days a week and has 50 places per day. Prices vary depending on income.

    More information about other day-care possibilities can be obtained from  the Fribourg federation of nurseries and the Fribourg federation of day fostering. The Swiss federation of day-care offers an overview of various day-care options in different cantons online. The administration of your municipality can also inform on local offers available. 

     In case of emergency

    Most of the Swiss Red Cross branches offer home-based day-care services in case of emergency (sick or accident-prone child). This offer is also valid if you are ill or had an accident and cannot watch your children. The offer is valid from Monday to Friday; price varies depending on your income (from 5.-/h).

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