Scholars on Sergii Bulgakov

JUNE 1, 2022: Rowan Williams: What is Christian Politics?

H. E. Dr. Rowan Williams, Emeritus Archbishop of Canterbury “What is Christian Politics? Insights from Sergius Bulgakov" at Volos Theological Academy

Online Talk (recorded)

Revd Professor Andrew Louth on: Father Sergii Bulgakov

Talk delivered during the 2016 IOCS Conference on 'Contemporary Fathers and Mothers of the Church' (29-31 August 2016) at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies Cambridge


Barbara Hallensleben, Capita de Trinitate. The Sophiological answer to “Trinitarian Essentialism”

Lecture at New Trinitarian Ontologies – academic conference on metaphysics or ontology in analogous imitation of the Trinity held at the University of Cambridge, 13-15 September 2019

Youtube (at 49:37)

Sarah Livick-Moses: Exploring "Sophia" in Modern Orthodox Theology

In this interview, Sarah Livick-Moses, doctoral candidate in systematic theology at Boston College, speaks on the role of "Sophia" in modern Orthodox thought and the possibilities she opens for theological and spiritual discourse. 28 March 2024


Paul L. Gavrilyuk: Sophia and Salvation in the Theology of Sergei Bulgakov

Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Orthodox theologian and historian, describes Bulgakov's theology of universal salvation.
19 July 2022 on Youtube

"John Milbank laid the theoretical foundations for the movement which later became known as radical orthodoxy. He has named the Russian sophiological tradition, particularly the work of Sergej Bulgakov, as an intellectual ally."


Milbank has sparked important debate:

Aristotle Papanikolaou: The Mystical as Political. Democracy and Non-Radical Orthodoxy. Notre Dame 2012

David Dunn: Radical Sophiology?: Fr. Sergius Bulgakov and John Milbank on Augustine. In: Studies in East European Thought 2012 Vol. 64 Issue 3-4 Pages 227-249

Nathaniel Wood: "I Have Overcome the World": The Church, the Liberal State, and Christ's Two Natures in the Russian Politics of Theosis. In: Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine, edited by G. E. Demacopoulos and A. Papanikolaou, New York 2017

James R. Wood: The Political Theology of Sergius Bulgakov: Correcting Milbank and Papanikolaou, Eclectial Orthodoxy, April 22, 2022

Ivan Y. Ilin: Churching of Society from Within and Not from Without: Reception of Sergius Bulgakov's Ideas in Contemporary Political Theology (in Russian). In: Vestnik Sviato-Filaretskogo Instituta 48 (2023), 51–74

David Bentley Hart: The Genius of Sergei Bulgakov 

"What I appreciate about Sergius Bulgakov is that he saw questions that others did not."


Paul Ladouceur (IOTA Talk): Sergius Bulgakov. An Emerging Theological Giant

This talk will introduce listeners to Fr. Sergius Bulgakov’s life and work. Photographs are included in the talk and at the end. (January 2023)