Lucia Leoni

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  • Forschungsprojekte

    "The globalization of the Alps and of Mountaineering through narratives, images, and the audiovisual (1930-1990)"
    My PhD project focuses on the globalization of the Alps and the circulation of alpine representation via narratives, images, and the audiovisual between the 1930s and the 1980s. The alpine narrative is approached from a cultural, audiovisual, and environmental history angle by studying three main aspects. First of all, Canadian-Swiss relations will be the common thread when considering the globalization of the Alps and of Swiss mountaineering. The Canadian Rockies were heavily influenced by the Swiss Alps in numerous ways, but especially from the touristic perspective. This can be seen visually through photographs, documentaries and other audiovisual sources related to tourism and hospitality. One of the most interesting aspects of this influence is the physical migration of Swiss mountaineers to Canada from the late 19th century to the interwar period. This human exchange allows us to study the transformation of the Rockies through personal photographic and film archives of Swiss immigrants. Second, the circulation of alpine photography and narratives will be studied with the official journal Les Alpes of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) from 1930 to 1960. Les Alpes was created in 1864, one year after the creation of SAC and is a perfect source to study the evolution of alpine representation, both narratively and visually. The third key aspect that will be studied is the development of Mountain film festivals starting from the 1950s. These events are the perfect setting to study different factors, from the evolution of mountain films to international cultural relations between mountainous regions. Three main mountain film festivals will be taken into consideration: the Trento Film Festival (1951), the International Alpine Film Festival in Les Diablerets (1969) and the Banff Film and Book Festival (1971).