Campaigns: United against sexual harassment

The University has zero tolerance for any form of abuse on the personality and dignity of others.
The University guarantees a respectful study and work environment for each and everyone.

It has been running a campaign against sexual harassment and sexism since October 2020. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the problems of harassment and the possibilities for witnesses and targets to take action against it.

23 March marks the National Day against Sexual Harassment and Sexism in Higher Education; this date was marked in 2021 with a first-of-its-kind event, a virtual Living Library.

But the mobilization against harassment does not stop on a single date. It will continue in the fall semester of 2021 with the virtual broadcasting of strong messages on social networks, web pages of the Unifr and screens.

In short, the 2020-2021 campaign focuses on:

  • three posters,
  • one event
  • and a message: zero tolerance for harassment.


Harassment is a consequence of sexism. Through three posters, we would like to catch your attention.

Respect and goodwill within the University.
The person's feelings take precedence over the intention of the author of the joke.
Trust and confidentiality. The Ombudsstelle supports witnesses or victims of sexual harassment.

Event: Living Library

A virtual Living Library was organized on March 23, 2021, national day against sexual harassment and sexism in higher education.

The speakers came to share a story with an audience about their experiences with sexual harassment and sexism. Their story is part of the Office for Gender Equality's ongoing sexual harassment and sexism awareness campaign since October 2020. The event was open to all and attracted a lot of interest.

The Office for Gender Equality warmly thanks all of the speakers for coming to share their stories and experiences of sexual harassment and sexism. They had a great courage in testifying in front of an audience, and we thank them for making this event possible.

Our thanks also go to the moderation team, in particular the team of the Center Fries for having supported us successfully in this event.


 To discover on the same subject in Alma & Georges: Sexisme: savoir écouter, pouvoir en parler


Message: zero tolerance for harassment

Each faculty has its own specificities. Since autumn 2020 semester, the Institute of Medicine is also launching a campaign aimed at medical students facing sexual harassment in their internship.


More information: Campaign of the Institute of Medicine