Is ill health making it difficult for you to complete your studies?
Do you feel exhausted and despairing?
Do you suffer from a psychological disorder?

We can guide you in seeking the right help and advise you in finding coverage for healthcare costs.

Psychological problems

help available at the universtiy
  • Conseil psychologique aux étudiant-e-s
    Le conseil psychologique aux étudiant- is a service offered by the University of Fribourg for university students suffering from mental distress, as well as for collaborators in need of psychological advice.
    Crisis interventions and short therapies are also offered to individuals when needed. The service offers a maximum of 10 sessions per patient. These sessions are free of charge.
  • Centre de Consultation et Thérapie à l'Institut de la Famille
    Le Centre de Consultation et Thérapie à l’Institut de la Famille offers to you psychological consultations in individual, in couple or in family. Educational questions as well as relationship and personal issues, amongst others, maybe addressed during the consultations.
  • Aumônerie (Chaplaincy)

    The University Chaplaincy is a welcoming space for people of all faiths and none. Personal and spiritual growth are fostered through meditation, prayer, communion, lunches, and more.

Help available outside the university
  • Association PréSuiFri - Prévention Suicide Fribourg
  • Psychiatric emergency
    According to le Réseau fribourgeois en santé mentale in Marsens, psychiatric emergencies are situations in which an individual exhibits the following symptoms:
    • Extreme melancholia
    • Violence against oneself (attempted suicide or self-injury), against another person or against one's material environment
    • Delirium, hallucinations, intense agitation, distress or mental anguish, extreme depression

Loneliness and integration problems

The feeling of loneliness is relatively common among students. The following services are there to help you in these cases:

If the integration problems are language-related, see section below: 

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Help available outside the university: