Are you going through a conflict?
Are you in a hostile, codependent relationship? Have all your attempts at mediation failed?

We can give you confidential advice to help solve your problem. We can arrange mediation sessions or can moderate conflict meetings if you wish. We operate autonomously from other university bodies.

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Personnality infringment

The concept of personality infringement refers to circumstances in which you find yourself in daily conflicts in your workplace or your learning environment, and in which you do not feel respected or listened to.

The Swiss Civil Code provides, in article 28 and in subsequent articles, a means of protecting one’s personality rights. These measures consist of legal actions as remedies to any infringements on one’s personality rights. These rights include, amongst others, the respect of one’s privacy, of their physical integrity, of their honour, of their freedom of movement, the protection of their name and their personal data, etc.   

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The University has the obligation to protect its members against all personality infringements, especially against mobbing and all kinds of harassment (CO art.328 et Loi fédérale sur le travail, art. 6 al. 1).

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Sexual harassment

In October 2020, the University launched a campaign against sexual harassment. All information and contact points for witnesses or victims of sexual harassment can be found on the dedicated page.