Seminars in Biology "An introduction to Knowledge Graphs and their role in the Life Sciences"

Academic or specialist Seminar

Dr. Ana Claudia Sima

Knowledge Graphs are a simple, yet powerful abstraction for representing data. Recent years have seen an increased adoption of Knowledge Graphs in both industry and academia, where they have contributed to improvements in a wide range of applications, from Google Search to drug repurposing and personalised health (to name a few). But what are they exactly and what are some of their key advantages? In this talk, I will give an overview of the fundamentals of Knowledge Graphs, with a focus on their role in the Life Sciences. Finally, we will discuss how Knowledge Graphs can play an important part in answering biological questions.

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When? 04.10.2022 11:15
Where? PER 04 Auditorium 0.110
Rue Albert-Gockel 3
1700 Fribourg
speaker Dr. Ana Claudia Sima
Contact Department of Biology
Pierre-Marie Allard
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