Uni-Social and Psychological Advice Committee

Tasks and Responsibilities

Under the current regulations, the Uni-Social Committee has the following tasks:

  1. Drawing up guidelines concerning the general and specific award criteria for Uni-Social Service funds;
  2. Approving the annual report of the Service Uni-Social and the annual accounts of the funds for the Rectorate;
  3. Supporting Uni-Social Services in carrying out projects and reflecting on issues arising from its area of activity;
  4. Taking cognisance of the decisions of higher appeal bodies concerning requests for financial support.

The Rectorate may entrust the Committee with other tasks in the field of social advice and financial support, as well as, within the limits of available resources, in the field of prevention.



Adriano Previtali, Faculty of Law
Harriet Thöny, Faculty of Science and Medicine

Research associates

Students, listeners
Madeleine Combre

Anne Crausaz Esseiva, Academic Director
Ariane Linder, Head of Uni-Social
Florence Renevey, Uni-Social staff member