"Sustainability" Committee


The Committee deals with topics and issues of ecological and sustainable management and development related to the University's activities.

Its tasks include:

  1. to prepare the strategic and conceptual basis for the Rectorate;
  2. to coordinate and plan the implementation of the Rectorate's sustainability strategy in the field of the environment;
  3. to ensure the flow of information and communication on sustainability;
  4. to ensure the exchange of experience and the establishment of best practices.

The Commission's tasks do not include the development, implementation and evaluation of scientific offers and projects in the field of teaching, research and further education.



Alexandre Gachet, administrative director


Astrid Epiney, rector
Gérald Collaud, IT Direction
Jonas Brülhart, Infrastructure Service
Céline Berger, durability
Ivo Müller, Equipment and Logistics
Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, professor
Aurianne Stroude, research associate 
Mikael Dürrmeier, student 
Matthias Held, administrative and technical staff