Research Promotion Committee


The Committee contributes to the University’s research policy and promotes research and scientific innovation. Its functions include, in particular, the following:

  1. advising the Rectorate and carrying out all tasks assigned to it by the latter;
  2. ensuring for the entire University the vertical and horizontal transmission of information in the area of research;
  3. advising the Rectorate regarding the work of the Research Promotion Service.


Katharina M. Fromm, Vice-Rector Research


Veronika Hoffmann, Faculty of Theology
Helmut Zander, Faculty of Theology
Ramon Mabillard, Faculty of Law 
Basile Cardinaux, Faculty of Law 
Olivier Furrer, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences 
Martin Huber, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences 
Béatrice Lienemann, Faculty of Humanities
Jürgen Sauer, Faculty of Humanities
Guillermo Acuña, Faculty of Science and Medicine
Csaba Szabo, Faculty of Science and Medicine

Research Assistants
Nathalie Dherbey Chapuis, Nathalie Dahn-Singh

Katja Wirth, Research Promotion Service