International Relations Committee

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. it formulates for the Rectorate at the latter’s request or on its own initiative, recommendations regarding international relations;
  2. it ensures the exchange of information among its members on developments regarding international relations in the Faculties;
  3. it submits to the Rectorate, according to the latter’s guidelines, the selection of applicants for mobility grants awarded by the Directorate;
  4. it submits to the Rectorate its provisional decision on the report and the annual accounts of the Service;
  5. it formulates proposals for the job description of the Service Manager with a view to its approval by the Rector.

The Rectorate may entrust the Commission with further tasks and responsibilities in the area of international relations.


Bernard Ries, Vice-Rector

Barbara Hallensleben, Faculty of Theology

Samantha Besson, Faculty of Law
Dirk Morschett, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Michele Bacchi, Faculty of Humanities 
Vincent Serneels, Faculty of Science and Medicine

Research Assistants
Diletta Guidi

Marco Garofano

Anne Crausaz Esseiva, Academic Director
Veronika Favre, Head of the Office for International relations