Board of Teacher Education for secondary level

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Board of Teacher Education for secondary level is the advisory and coordinating body of the University of Fribourg for the training of teachers at secondary levels I and II. It operates under the authority of the Rectorate which appoints its members.


Chantal Martin Soelch, Vice-Rector

François-Xavier Amherdt, Faculty of Theology 
Basile Cardinaux, Faculty of Law
Mark Schelker, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social sciences 
Christian Genetelli, Faculty of Humanities 
Philippe Genoud, Faculty of Humanities 
Claudia Leopold, Faculty of Humanities
Christine Pauli, Faculty of Humanities 
Anne-Françoise Praz, Faculty of Humanities 
Eric Sanchez, Faculty of Humanities 
Louis-Félix Bersier, Faculty of Science and Medecine
Jean-Pierre Bresciani, Faculty of Science and Medecine

Research Assistants
Zoe Albisetti
Inge Schnyder

Annina Ehrler
Maximilian Goldmann


Bernadette Charlier, Faculty of Humanities
Roland Pillonel, Centre for Teaching and Research in the Training of Secondary Teachers
Dominicq Riedo, Director ZELF
Regula Schmidlin, conseillère aux études, fac. Lettres
Christoph Leuenberger, conseiller aux études, Faculty of Science and Medecine
Gisela Meyer Stüssi, didactique des disciplines
Sylvie Jeanneret, didactique des disciplines
Lukas Lehmann, représentant ad interim HEP Fribourg
Gisela Bissig, Schools’ Representative
Yvan Girard, Secondary School Teaching I
Erika Steiner, Secondary School Teaching I
Alexandre Etienne, représentant Ecoles maturité professionnelle
Barbara Vauthey, Representative, Directorate of Public Education, Culture and Sport