Workshops / Public talks

Some recent talks by Dominic Roser include :

  • "The Ethics of Discussing Population Ethics", University of Frankfurt, January 2020
  • "A Council for the Voiceless", Contribution to the workshop on "Inclusive Parliaments Representation, Mobility, Disability", Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, September 2019.
    "Orienting Institutions Towards the Long-Term" and "Shall We Hope?", Workshop on two of Dominic Roser's papers, Hochschule für Philosophie, München, February 2018.


Recently organized workshops and public talks include :

  • Workshop: Religious Perspectives on Effective Altruism (University of Fribourg, co-organized with Markus Huppenbauer, September 2019)
  • Public Talk: "The position of cultured meat in a sustainable food system" by Mark Post, the creator of the world's first lab-grown hamburger (co-organized with various groups from the University of Fribourg, March 2018)
  • Public Talk: "The Human Right to a Healthy Environment" by John Knox, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment (co-organized with various groups from the University of Fribourg, March 2018)
  • Workshop: Representing the Unrepresented (University of Fribourg, co-organized with Angela Martin, September 2017)
  • Workshop: Climate Justice and Economic Growth (University of Manchester, co-organized with John O'Neill, January 2017)