Council of the IIEDH

The council is composed of at least two professors, one research associate, one student of each faculty as well as one representative of the rector’s office.

Also part of the council are external members and other members with a consultative voice.

Faculty of Law

  • Professors : Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf (*)
  • Research associates : Géraldine Catillaz
  • Students : new appointment

Faculty of Arts

  • Professors : Ralf Bader, Geneviève Petitpierre
  • Research associates : nre appointment
  • Students : new appointment

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

  • Professors : Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Paul Dembinski (*)
  • Research associates : new appointment
  • Students : new appointment

Faculty of Science and Medicine

  • Professors : Denis Lalanne, Ivo Wallimann-Helmer
  • Research associates : new appointment
  • Students : Lea Rufener

Faculty of Theology

  • Professors : Daniel Bogner, Luc-Thomas Somme (*)
  • Research associates : Noemi Honegger
  • Students : new appointment

Representative of the rector's office

  • Astrid Kaptijn

External members

  • Christophe Golay

Members with a consultative voice

  • Regula Ludi, Dominic Roser, Bernard Schumacher (MER, Master of education and research) 

(*) Member of the board of directors