Artwork by Cecil Ashley

Ethics, economics, and environment

Given current economic and environmental developments, this could be the planet’s best or worst century. In light of this overwhelming prospect, our first task consists in prioritizing the various global challenges. Our second task consists in providing well-grounded, clear, and practically applicable answers to the ethical questions raised by these challenges. In our research and teaching, we analyse the issues at stake in these challenges, focussing on the perspective of global and intergenerational justice and giving special attention to the aspects of risk and uncertainty. We focus on questions that arise for all kinds of agents: individuals, businesses, and political institutions, including institutions beyond the traditional nation-state.

Ringvorlesung - Wintersemester 23-24

Migration, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit


What International Negotiators Promise and Domestic Policymakers Adopt: Policy and Politics in the Multi-Level Climate Change Regime

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