The University of Fribourg promotes an open, respectful and caring study and work environment in which each person can develop their skills.

Thus, people belonging to gender and sexual minorities (LGBTIQ) should feel comfortable and Unifr's environment should be free of discrimination against them.

In order to raise awareness and engage the university community in this safe and caring university, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Service is running several activities in 2024:

Inclusive infrastructures: integration of gender-neutral toilets

The University of Fribourg (Unifr) is committed to non-discrimination and the inclusion of all persons in order to provide an inclusive learning and working environment. To this end, a number of inclusive services and infrastructures are already in place, and others are in the pipeline.
One measure to take into account the needs of non-binary, trans binary, trans non-binary and queer people is to integrate gender-neutral toilets into Unifr buildings. Toilets accessible to people with disabilities, most of which are gender-neutral, will be kept as they are.


Inclusive toilets

Non-gendered toilets are now available to the university community at the Miséricorde, Pérolles 21 and Regina Mundi sites. Non-mixed toilet blocks have been refurbished to provide gender-neutral toilets at all three Unifr sites. The University of Fribourg will make this commitment to providing gender-neutral toilets at all its university sites a reality as it renovates or builds new facilities over the next few years.
Here is the list of non-genic toilets on the various university sites:
• Miséricorde : 1st floor of building MIS04, WC blocks next to office MIS4110
• Pérolles 21: toilet blocks C070 and C071, next to the cafeteria
• Pérolles 22: toilet blocks next to the BP2 library
• Regina Mundi: 2nd floor of Simler building S-2.073



Customary first name

Do you want to use a customary first name? Are you in the process of gender transition and wish to use a new first name for your contacts at Unifr?

For students

Your application should be sent to the Admissions and Registration Department at The usual first name will then be added to your file. If you wish to change your e-mail address, you can send your request via myunifr to the University's IT Department. However, documents such as your diploma will remain in the official first name.

For staff members

Your request should be sent to the Personnel Department at

The usual first name will then be used in correspondence with you and the email address will be changed.

However, documents such as the AVS card, the work certificate or correspondence from the pension fund will remain in the official first name.

Changing name and/or gender

Have you officially changed your first name? Have you just officially changed your first name and gender?

Since January 2022, a simplified procedure for changing gender (indication of sex) has been in place and the application must be made to a civil status office.

More informations on the Canton of Fribourg's website

For students

Inform the Admissions and Registration Service by sending a copy of your identity document to If you wish to change your e-mail address, you can then send your request via myunifr to the University's IT Department. Your future diploma can also be established with your new first name.

For staff members

Inform the Personnel Department at by sending a copy of your identity document. This will ensure that correspondence and your e-mail address are adapted.