Our office and our role

The Office Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plays a transversal and leading role within the University of Fribourg. On behalf of the Rectorate, we are reponsible for the implementation of equality measures within the Faculties, Departements and at teaching level.

What we do on the basis of our expertise:

  • We share and spread our knowledge, experience and methods
  • We advise, guide and support University’s members
  • We critically observe and intervene if needed.

The University of Fribourg implements equality measures as part of its 2021-2024 Action plan (only in French).

The Faculties are committed to promoting equality by implementing equality projects:

projects in the Faculties

The Commission Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Commission Equality, Diverstiy and Inclusion depends on the Rectorate. The Commission’s role is to support the Office in its mission of achieving equality within the University. The Commission for Gender Equality can make proposals to the Rectorate and the Faculties.

The Commission Equality, Diversity and Inclusion