Young audience

The Office Equality, Diversity and Inclusion offers several events for both elementary and high school students.

Courses Internet & Code for Girls

At a time when new information technologies are becoming more and more important in our daily lives, few girls choose to study computer science and information technology at university.

The "Internet & Code for Girls" courses designed by the EPFL Science Promotion Service aim to encourage young girls to take a deeper interest in information and communication technologies.

Discovering computer science in a playful way helps to increase the girls' confidence in their abilities so that they can later choose these professional and university careers.

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Day "Journée Futur en tous genres" for Primary School students 7H

The "Journée Futur en tous genres" is a national action, dedicated to overcoming stereotypical perceptions of certain professions and professional fields. The 7H school students - girls and boys - have the opportunity to accompany a person of the opposite gender (mother, father, uncle, aunt,...) to his or her workplace and the 10H school students can take part in thematic workshops.

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Science for youth SFY interships for 2nd year college students in the Faculty of Science and Medicine

Second year college students of the Canton of Fribourg can participate in two days of practical training in the different departments of the Faculty of Science and Medicine. In this way, they discover the practical and research aspects of the natural and exact sciences and medicine.

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Other offer for young audience

1. Université de Fribourg offre: 

goûters scientifiques

2. Offres supplémentaires:

EPFL - Robotique
EPFL - les sciences à la maison 
Espace des inventions