Marie-Noëlle Giraud

PD, PhD, Group leader

Abteilung Medizin

PER 09 bu. 0.105B
Ch. du Musée 5
1700 Fribourg
PER 09, 0.105B


I have started my research work on cell therapy working in teh reserach group of the Prof Carrel's cardiovascular clinic at Inselspital. I am currently leading a preclinical research group.With my team, my goal is to find new treatments to slow or reverse the progression of heart failure and especially to cure it. We want to offer a unique cell treatment for each individual. Bone marrow cells are grown and conditioned in the lab and reimplanted into the heart. Several thousand patients have already benefited from this treatment in other countries, in Europe and in the world. However, there are still many challenges to overcome.

Forschung und Publikationen

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