Miriam Zemanova




Wildlife Welfare – Compassionate Conservation – 3Rs Principles

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Departement für Geowissenschaften


I received my BSc degree in Applied Ecology (Czech University of Life Sciences) and earned two MSc degrees: in Ecological Conservation (Cranfield University) and in Forestry, Water and Landscape Management (Czech University of Life Sciences). I obtained my PhD degree in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Bern. Before joining the Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Basel and at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney.

My research interests focus on wildlife welfare, conservation genetics, humane education, and the 3Rs principles of responsible animal use, particularly in wildlife research (https://3RsWildlife.info).

You can find more information about me and my work on my personal website at: https://miriamzemanova.com