Louis Vuilleumier

Forschung und Publikationen

  • Konferenz

    Squatting the Margins: Fragmented Mobilization and Narrowed Autonomy of Illegalized Migrants. September 2021. Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference. P1173 Post-pandemic urbanism: Reconceptualizing the nexus between vacancy, occupancy, and the right to housing. London (England)

    Operating a Deviant Entrepreneurial Journey despite Temporal Dispossession. July 2021. 18th International Migration Research Network Annual Conference: Crossing borders, connecting cultures. P217 Transnational migrant entrepreneurs bridging urban, regional, national, and global spaces: A multi-scalar global perspective. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

    Creating “Spaces of Narrowed Potentialities”: Urban Struggles of Illegalized Migrants and Activists in Europe. June 2021. International Society for Ethnology and Folklore: Breaking the rules? Power, Participation, Transgression. Res08 Breaking "spatial rules": Micro-practices of resistance and refusal against dominant forms of territoriality. Helinski (Finland).

    Deviant Entrepreneurial Journey of Illegalized Sub-Saharan Migrants Within European Mobility Regimes. March 2021. International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences 2020 Congress: Coming of Age on Earth - Legacies and Next Generation Anthropology. P21 An Anthropology of Policy: Legacies and Future Challenges. Šibenik (Croatia).

    Appropriating European mobility regimes: Deviant Entrepreneurship, illegalized mobility and local norms. September 2020. NCCR-on the move: Hostile Environments: The history and consequences of deterrence as mobility control. Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

    "I am a free slave": Illegalized migrants' everyday forms of resistance within European mobility regimes. June 2020. 16th European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennal Conference: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe. P153 Securitization of mobility within the UK-EU-Schengen area. Lisbon (Portugal).

  • Publikation

    Vuilleumier, Louis. 2021. "Lost in Transition to Adulthood? Illegalized Male Migrants Navigating Temporal Dispossession" Social Sciences 10, no. 7: 250. https://doi.org/10.3390/socsci10070250