Contact : Aurélien Crochet


The XRD facility of the department is equipped with four instruments: 

  • Four single crystal diffractometers (Ag, Mo and Cu Ka1 radiations)
  • One powder diffractometer (Cu Ka1 radiation)


Single Crystal Diffractometers: 

  • StadiVari (Stoe) with microfocus Ag and Cu radiation, and Pilatus3 R 300K
  • IPDS2 (Stoe) equipped with Mo radiation, and image plate
  • IPDS2T (Stoe) equipped with microfocus Cu radiation, and image plate

All machines are equipped with cryostats (150-500 K). The application field is very large from organic molecules to inorganic and organometallic compounds. The single crystal service carries out measurement and full crystal structure determination.

Ready to publish CIF-files are provided and deposition to the CCDC is done on demand.

People who want to have access to one of the instruments have to contact the Dr. Aurélien Crochet in order to discuss about their needs.


Please check Single Crystal Sample Submission Form


Powder Diffractometer; is a STADIP combined a focus Cu Ka1 incident beam from a germanium monochromator with Mythen1K detector (CCD) and exchangeable sample holders. The instrument is by default equipped of the transmission sample holder, but reflection measurements are also possible as well HT-measurement in transmission mode. The utilization of capillary allows the measurement of air- and moisture-sensitive samples as well as microsamples.

The versatility of this machine allowed wide analysis field for single or multi-phase materials, such as organic and metal organic compounds.

Users wanting to measure on their own are trained on machine upon request and can afterwards reserve the instrument. For people not wanting to measure independently, as well as special setups, assistance is provided on request.


Please check Powder Sample Submission Form


Some specific databases (CCDC and inorganic database) and software (CSD suite, Diamond, Match, etc) are also accessible on demand.