Zobi Group

Born in Italy in 1976, Prof. Fabio Zobi studied chemistry at the York University (Toronto, Canada) where in 2001 he received a Master degree working in the group of Dennis V. Stynes. He then moved to Zürich where in 2005 he obtained his PhD under the direction of Roger Alberto. After spending nearly two years as postdoctoral fellow in the group of Peter J. Sadler at the University of Edinburgh he moved back to Zürich. In 2009 he became an independent researcher holding a SNF-Ambizione fellowship before receiving  in 2013 an SNF Professorship at the chemistry department of the University of Fribourg, where in 2017 he was promoted full professor. Fabio Zobi’s research interests are diverse covering different topics in inorganic chemical biologymedicinal inorganic chemistry and medicinal organometallic chemistry.