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Prof. Ali Coskun (UNIFR, Chemistry) awarded a SNSF Sinergia Grant

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Fribourg High Schools and University of Fribourg

On October 14th, 2021, the third kick-off meeting of the platforms between Fribourg high schools and the university of Fribourg took place, with one highlight being the launch of Leonardo program, for…

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Latest Publication from the Zobi Group!

Zobi Research Group has recently published a new article in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, entitled "Combatting AMR: A molecular approach to the discovery of potentand non-toxic rhenium complexes…

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Research Focus

Coskun Research Group conducts research in an interdisciplinary area of supramolecular and materials chemistry with an emphasis on design, synthesis and application of functional polymeric materials for;


(i) CO2 capture, separation and conversion

(ii) energy storage applications

(iii) H2 storage


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Message From the Department Head Ali Coskun

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