The Chemistry Department has, according to its bylaws, an institution which is responsible the safety and health of the collaborators in our building, i.e. the safety and health committee. It has the task to assure that the safety infrastructure works correctly, accidents are prevented from occuring, and the members of the department are properly trained.


Safety Documents

Safety Brochure




Safety in Laboratory

Security Course 

  • Safety Committee

    The committee meets once in every six weeks and discusses about past incidents, planned activities and measures to improve the safety and occupational health in our building.

    If you notice a problem regarding safety, please inform a member of the safety committee, so they can take the necessary actions to solve the problem and improve the situation.


    Prof. Marco Lattuada

    President of the Safety Committee

    Representative of the physical chemistry

     Prof. Fabio Zobi

    President of the Department

    Representative of the inorganic chemistry

    Anne Schuwey

    Vice president, safety responsable

    Representative of the technical and administratif staff

    Prof. Andreas Kilbinger

    Representative of the organic chemistry

    Maja Ivanovic

    Secretary of the Safety Committee

    Dr. Priscilla Brunetto

    Representative of the Fromm group and the Bio lab

    Freya Harvey

    Representative of the graduate students and assistants

    Gaël Jarjoura

    Representative of the undergraduates

    Aline Scherz

    Head of security for the University

    Nicolas Hoyler

    Safety officer of the science faculty

    Patrick Sturny

    Concierge in charge of the Chemistry building



  • First Intervention Group

    Another point that is pivotal for the safety is the first intervention group, which steps into action when an alarm has been triggered. Members of this group can locate where the alarm originated, run there, assess the situation and then take appropriate actions (for example they can stop the alarm, to prevent the fire brigade from rushing to our department). All the members of this group received training in first aid, firefighting etc. The members are below:


    • Aurélien Crochet


    • Olivier Graber


    • Nicolas Hoyler


    • Michel Piccand


    • Albert Ruggi


    • Anne Schuwey

  • What To Do After An Accident

    What to do after an accident?